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Have you decided you’d like to buy a new home?

There’s much more to finding the best loan than making a decision on the advertised interest rate! Terms, time, flexibility, fixed / variable, borrowing costs, exit fees… the list goes on. Are you building or buying an established home? Is it important to you to stay in your current home during construction or until settlement? Are you intending to live in the home short-term or for many years?

Just as you would evaluate the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, distance to work or school, and general live-ability of a property before you buy it, it’s important to consider all aspects of your home loan options to determine what is going to suit you and your family best.

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The home loan you choose will have both immediate and long-term repercussions. This is where the experienced, reliable team at Maxon can help you. We know what questions to ask and what information to collect to help us identify the best home loan for your individual needs, while keeping borrowing costs to a minimum.

"We can assist you to make the right finance choices to keep your borrowing costs to a minimum."

To avoid stress and disappointment, it’s probably best to talk to us before you fall in love with a new home, but either way we can help you with valuable information and advice.

Contact us to come and have a chat, you might be pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved.


  • "The best thing about Maxon is Maxine and her staff. 10/10 service. Love you Maxine."

    Ian and Jennifer
  • "Kristin Stevens - so helpful, very professional and always on call/email and never leaves us hanging. Always making sure we are satisfied at all time with finance options. If you want the best customer service, I would highly recommend Kristin to others. Would definitely be using Maxon Finance again."

    Phillip and Sallyane
  • "We have loved both experiences with our home loan. Tanya makes everything easy with the whole process of finance. Will definitely be back when our loan needs upgrading again."

    Patricia and I Putu
  • "Maxine is always a pleasure to work with. Maxine has provided us with sound financial assistance which helped us to get into our first home and also into our second. Kristin also assisted with the finance for our second home. Kristin’s friendly and prompt service assisted to make this process stress free."

    Arlene and Scott
  • "The best thing about Maxon was I didn’t have to do anything except follow instructions. Thank you so much. No one else could help me. You guys rock."


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